Ruckus WiFi technology supports universities in Brazil

Universities in Brazil have deployed Ruckus Wireless’ Smart WiFi products and technology.

For one-third of all public universities in Brazil, thousands of Ruckus ZoneFlex access points (AP) are used for Ruckus Smart WiFi networks to deliver high performance, reliable wireless connectivity to tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff.

The company said Ruckus Smart WiFi technology provides the robust and reliable connections which provide reliable and fast WiFi connectivity.

Additionally, Ruckus ZoneDirector Smart wireless LAN (WLAN) controllers give variety of deployment options and also provide view of the number of different types of devices being used on their WiFi networks.

Also, Ruckus ZoneFlex access points integrate patented Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology which enhances the user experience by ensuring a consistent wireless signal.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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