Ruckus launches ZoneFlex P300 bridge system for outdoor WiFi

Ruckus Wireless has launched long-range, Gigabit-class, outdoor Smart Wi-Fi bridging system, Ruckus ZoneFlex P300 bridge system.

The ZoneFlex P300 delivers fast broadband connectivity between locations mile away and supports RF capacity up to 867 Mbps.

The company said with its internal antennas it offers hundreds of megabits of performance at line of sight distances up to 8 kilometers and with external antennas over 20 kilometers.

The locations with limited fixed lines are offered with broadband services, backhaul small cell traffic or offer high-speed broadband connectivity.

This apart, schools, warehouses and other outdoor environments can save tens of thousands of dollars in annual broadband costs by leveraging the ZoneFlex P300 bridge system.

Ruckus ZoneFlex P300 bridge system

According to Ruckus, the new system is designed or high-density user environments such as school campuses, business parks, warehousing environments, urban centers, parks and other outdoor venues where reliable, high performance broadband access is essential.

Company officials said installers can deploy the new wireless bridges effortlessly as automatic pairing and easy aiming offers fast and simple installation.

The Ruckus ZoneFlex P300 bridge system is available as a single unit for $1,195 and pre-provisioned pairs for $2,395.

“With such a compact and sleek form factor, the P300 is a wireless work of art, representing one of the most advanced WiFi bridging solutions on the market today,” said Greg Beach, vice president of Product Management at Ruckus Wireless.

In May, Ruckus Wireless unveiled CloudManager for Xclaim, a subscription-free cloud service to manage its Xclaim family of indoor and outdoor business-class WiFi access points (APs).

Shilpa Khatri

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