RUCKUS launches ICX 8200 switch for campus network

CommScope announced that RUCKUS Networks is introducing entry-level, edge switches with 25 Gbps uplink ports.
ICX 8200 switch from RUCKUS Networks
This series includes the first entry-level enterprise switch to deliver fiber-to-the-room connectivity.

“The ICX 8200 series is a wired platform optimized for wireless service delivery, designed to handle the next generation of wireless-first and IoT campus networks,” Bart Giordano, Senior Vice President, RUCKUS Networks, CommScope, said.

Chico Unified School District has added the latest ICX 8200 switch from RUCKUS Networks to its campus network as an access switch to connect wireless access points and classroom learning equipment.

“We are impressed with the performance and ease of deployment with the 25 Gbps stacking and uplink ports. We are equally pleased with the switches’ high PoE rating – this is needed for the newer, power-hungry generation of wireless APs,” Patrick Bossetti, IT Supervising Manager of the Chico Unified School District, said.

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