Ruckus ICX 7650 switch to cost $11,900

Ruckus ICX 7650 switchRuckus, a part of Brocade, announced new switches to support next-generation network edge and aggregation/core requirements.

The price of Ruckus ICX 7650 switch, which will be available in Q1 2018, is $11,900.

Ruckus ICX 7650 switch supports 802.11ac / 802.11ax Wi-Fi deployments, UHD video streaming, line rate encryption and single point of management.

The Ruckus ICX 7650 switch delivers support for 100 Gigabit Ethernet—the highest port density for IEEE 802.3bz (multi-gigabit) Ethernet ports, along with the highest number of IEEE 802.3bt-ready (90 W PoE) ports on the market today. The first fixed configuration switch offers 100 Gigabit Ethernet for campus networks.

“The technology behind the ICX 7650 switch enables users to scale and future-proof their network infrastructure to meet the increasing demand of wired and wireless network requirements for seven to ten years,” said Siva Valliappan, vice president of campus product management, Ruckus.

ICX 7650 is the industry’s first multi-gigabit (IEEE 802.3bz) Ethernet stackable switch with 100GbE connectivity, In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU) for high availability in a stack, up to 90 Watts (IEEE 802.3bt ready) of PoE power per port and dual hot-swappable power supplies and fans for added resiliency.

The ICX 7650 has fixed 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports that can be used as uplinks or stacking ports, further supplementing user bandwidth requirements by providing modular uplinks that can scale from 10 to 100 Gigabits.

“The new Ruckus ICX 7650 switch expands Ruckus’ offering in multi-gigabit Ethernet switching, delivering more multi-gigabit ports, higher performance with up to 100G uplinks and more PoE power to support high density wireless deployments, including future Wi-Fi standards such as 802.11ax and beyond,” said Nolan Greene, senior research analyst, enterprise networks, IDC.

Ruckus has introduced three new ICX 7650 switch models.

# ICX 7650-48ZP multi-gigabit access switch
# ICX 7650-48F core/aggregation switch
# ICX 7650-48P high-performance gigabit switch

Features of Ruckus ICX 7650

The ICX 7650-48ZP access switch provides 24 ports of multi-gigabit (IEEE 802.3bz) Ethernet ports to support 90 W of PoE power (IEEE 802.3bt ready), as well as 24 ports of Gigabit Ethernet to support PoE+.

The ICX 7650-48F core/aggregation switch provides a high-performance platform with up to 24 10G and 24 1G fiber ports with the premium L3 features of a large core switch as well as 256-bit MACsec line rate encryption.

The ICX 7650-48P can be flexibly deployed in multiple management models – as a stack of up to 12 switches, stacked over long distances up to 10 km, or in a fabric bringing the ease of plug- and-play while retaining a secure and scalable design.

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