Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines deploys Citrix mobile workspace solution

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has deployed a Citrix mobile workspace solution to deliver faster and reliable workspaces to call center agents worldwide.

Royal Caribbean uses a combination of the NetScaler, CloudBridge and XenDesktop solutions developed by Citrix. These solutions have helped it to merge a wide range of infrastructure into two datacenters.

“Our call centers provide one of the most important sources of revenue for the company,” said Jeanine Graham-Bellamy, director of infrastructure, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. “ It is critical to provide our agents with all the information and resources our guests need, so they can answer questions and connect our customers with services efficiently and seamlessly.”

Before opting Citrix solutions, Royal Caribbean was depending on large autonomous datacenters at each call center location, where it manages guest reservations and inquiries. Citrix said this approach was costly and difficult to manage and lacked the ability to deliver a consistent, quality workspace environment to its agents.

Royal Caribbean worked with Citrix to consolidate IT infrastructure and speed the access to information via a mobile workspace, so call center agents could more efficiently handle guest reservation inquiries, thus ensuring maximum up-time and productivity.

Arya MM
[email protected]

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