Robin Gilthorpe joins Terracotta as CEO


Infotech Lead America: Software AG announced that Robin Gilthorpe has been appointed as CEO of Terracotta, its subsidiary offering in-memory product portfolio.

The appointment of Gilthorpe reflects the growing demand of Terracotta’s customers and partners, who are pioneering the Big Data market, to significantly increase application speed while reducing the cost and complexity of managing, searching and accessing business-critical data.

Gilthorpe has more than 20 years of international management experience.

Before joining Terracotta, Gilthorpe worked with TIBCO Software as senior vice president, Americas.

He was responsible for all customer facing activities including consulting, sales and also had an advisory role in M&A strategy and implementation.

Prior to that, he was responsible for Tibco’s operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and its global finance business.

“This is a pivotal time to be joining Terracotta, as the company becomes a major growth driver for the Software AG Group. In-memory and related technologies will be fundamental to deriving real value from Big Data. The combination of the Terracotta platform with Software AG’s broader portfolio and over 40 years of experience of managing critical data will open a unique growth opportunity to the Group,” said Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of Terracotta.

Robin Gilthorpe will also join Software AG’s Group Executive Board, emphasizing that the management of Big Data will become a key growth driver for Software AG.

Terracotta license revenue shows very strong growth and is expected to more than double in 2012 versus previous year.

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