Riverbed Technology appoints David Wu as CTO

Infotech Lead America: Riverbed Technology has appointed David Wu as chief technology officer.

As CTO, David will focus on technology innovation that will address the challenges of the new generation of IT.

As a member of Riverbed’s founding team in 2003, Wu was involved in the initial architecture of the Steelhead wide area network (WAN) optimization appliance.

More recently he was also the innovator behind the Granite storage delivery solution that offers globally distributed enterprises a new approach to consolidating edge data to the secure data center while delivering local performance access to branch employees.

“David has been at Riverbed since the company’s inception and throughout that time he has driven the development of all Riverbed products. Under his guidance, Riverbed has grown from one product line to many, and the company’s offerings have expanded to continue to solve tough problems for our customers,” said Jerry Kennelly, CEO, Riverbed.

At Riverbed, Wu developed the initial architecture behind the Steelhead appliance and the Riverbed Optimization System (RIOS), the software that powers Riverbed WAN optimization solutions.

He also was responsible for the advanced development of Whitewater cloud storage appliance that enables customers to seamlessly and securely backup to the cloud.

Most recently, Wu was the primary inventor of Granite, which allows customers to consolidate branch back to the data center and create new possibilities for IT including instant provisioning of branch offices from the data center and instant restore should disaster occur.

Wu will also lead more than 800 engineers in the development of new products and drive continued innovation to address the business and IT problems that globally distributed enterprises are grappling with as they transform their data centers.

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