Riverbed SteelHead 9.0 doubles performance of applications

Riverbed Technology, a provider of application performance infrastructure solutions, has launched two Riverbed flagship products – Riverbed SteelHead 9.0 and Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse 9.5.

SteelHead 9.0 optimizes, automates and secures delivery of any application over hybrid networks while SteelCentral AppResponse 9.5 helps monitor and troubleshoot end-user experience for optimized SaaS apps.

SteelHead 9.0, according to Riverbed, delivers up to 100x performance improvements, with new levels of visibility, control, and optimization for hybrid enterprises.

The solution integrates with SteelCentral AppReponse 9.5 to provide visibility of on-premises, cloud, and SaaS apps.

Riverbed SteelHead 9.0SteelHead 9.0 simplifies application and network control by making it easy to group applications according to their type and business priority to automate SLA activation for different types of apps.

The application performance solution intelligently derives all network paths and, based on business needs then prioritizes, secures and delivers business-critical applications over the fastest networks, while less critical applications are sent over the Internet.

SteelHead 9.0 identifies over 1,100 applications – on-premises, cloud, and SaaS – which can be optimized for maximum productivity. Riverbed is rapidly expanding the number and type of applications that SteelHead recognizes, with a particular focus on SaaS apps.

SteelHead 9.0 also offers Geo IQ for Microsoft Office 365, which ensures users are always connected to the native mailbox for optimal performance no matter where the Office 365 mailbox or the user is located, the company said.

With this release, Riverbed is now poised to address the challenges faced by CIOs turning to hybrid and SaaS architectures. The new solutions provide them with full visibility across all networks and applications while delivering an optimal and consistent end user experience – regardless of where the application or network resources reside.

Riverbed SteelHead 9.0 and SteelCentral AppResponse 9.5 are both expected to be generally available in Q4 2014.


Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]

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