Riverbed SD-WAN SteelConnect helps SimplePay’s global expansion  

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Application performance company Riverbed Technology shared how SimplePay is leveraging its technology to improve business.

The payment processing services company uses Riverbed SteelConnect as the backbone of a software-defined infrastructure to deliver the agility, security and flexibility required to scale its business globally.

SimplePay was launched in Sydney in 2012, quickly establishing itself as a leading payment processing company in Australia as a result of its ability to securely process large volumes of transactions across markets and currencies on a single platform.

Its customers manage high volumes of transactions through parking meters, online shopping carts and unattended kiosks, from anywhere in the world.

As the company expanded to serve new customers across a range of industries and geographies, it became clear that its existing IT systems and networking infrastructure need a makeover.

In looking for a new network solution, Security and business agility was paramount to SimplePay because every packet of data carries revenue.

The solution also needed to be easy to manage, and enable the company to leverage its existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment.

SimplePay deployed Riverbed SteelConnect that automates cloud connectivity for hybrid cloud environments.

The Riverbed SD-WAN has ability to replace manually configured routers with virtual network design based on zero-touch provisioning.

Further, SteelConnect allows organizations to create a single, software-defined network spanning hybrid WANs, cloud networks, and branch LAN/WLANs with a centralized cloud-centric management workflow, application-based orchestration, and integrated security.

For SimplePay, SteelConnect supplies the internal backbone connection between all of the virtual clouds SimplePay runs in AWS and provides a consistent and secure connection anywhere in the world. This enables it to deploy and connect new infrastructure anywhere in the world within minutes.

“We don’t have to worry about security or reliability; we now have a fully encrypted backbone that we’ve deployed using Riverbed at on – and off – ramp points,” said Rob Gillan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), SimplePay Group.

“It’s an environment that is almost unheard of – unmatched. There’s no truck roll, there’s no staff needed, it literally is one of the simplest deployments I’ve ever been involved in.”

SteelConnect has allowed SimplePay to run a private network between all of its sites, and easily talk to a server in the UK, Singapore or Australia just by typing a private IP address.

With services running in the UK, UAE, and Australia, SimplePay also takes advantage of time zone differences, with transactions taking place in Australia running on an entirely available infrastructure.

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