Riverbed says organizations face ROBO IT managing challenges


Organizations are facing multiple challenges when managing IT at remote and branch offices,  survey results from Riverbed Technology found.

IT at remote offices and  branches continues to be provisioned and managed largely as it has been for the past 20 years with distributed IT spread out across a number of locations.

As such,  companies are really struggling to effectively and efficiently manage their IT operations at the edge.

“As companies continue to move more of their operations to remote locations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage their backup and recovery processes and provide adequate IT staff onsite at each individual location,”  said Paul O’Farrell, Senior Vice President and General Manager of SteelHead, SteelFusion and SteelConnect at Riverbed.

The company said its SteelFusion is re-defining remote and branch office IT by allowing businesses to centralize ROBO IT operations and data in the data center.