Riverbed assists Northwest Pipe to save $1 mn

Northwest Pipe Company has selected Riverbed SteelHead and Riverbed SteelFusion to modernize its IT environment while improving corporate productivity, data protection and network visibility for faster issue resolution.

According to Northwest Pipe, by implementing the Riverbed solution the company has saved $1 million which they would have required for IT upgrades.

The company has solved issues like servers and other equipment coming to end-of-life, a growing amount of network traffic, manufacturing data that needed better protection, low bandwidth at some manufacturing sites, and a lack of network visibility through Riverbed solution.

Northwest Pipe has purchased a single solution from Riverbed consisting of SteelFusion Edge appliances running at the manufacturing sites, along with a SteelHead CX appliance and SteelFusion Core storage delivery controller in the data center.

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Besides providing the higher level of visibility into application and network performance, Riverbed SteelHead has addressed the bandwidth saturation and application performance issues and eliminated the need for additional bandwidth.

Meanwhile Riverbed SteelFusion eliminated the need for new servers at the manufacturing sites and secured the manufacturing data without compromising any performance.

“There isn’t anybody else out there that offers a solution that could do all this. And we have all the protection we need for our data since its safe in the data center,” said Jonathan Harris, network engineer at Northwest Pipe.

In April, Carilion Clinic selected Riverbed Technology to reduce the cost of application delivery while also improving medical care.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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