Riverbed assists law firm to improve network performance

Riverbed for business CIOsMcCullough Robertson Lawyers, a leading law firm in Queensland, has deployed Riverbed Technology solutions, assisting its IT team to diagnose and resolve performance issues and improve the digital experience.

SteelCentral Aternity assisted the IT team at McCullough Robertson Lawyers to close the visibility gap between how its lawyers are experiencing applications and services, and what the IT team could previously see with its existing set of monitoring tools.

McCullough Robertson Lawyers has 450 plus employees in offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle. WAN optimization solution called SteelHead has supported the law firm to improve network performance.

IT team at McCullough Robertson Laywers faced challenges with its ageing infrastructure, employee complaints about the performance of devices.

The other issue was related to the increase in applications and services– especially in offices like Sydney, located far from their centralized IT in Brisbane.

“We initially approached Riverbed to assist with improving the performance of our network,” said Ron Dutta, director of IT, McCullough Robertson Lawyers.

The lawyer community used to take up to 2 minutes to open and send an email. IT staff at McCullough Robertson Lawyers ran a proof of concept with SteelCentral Aternity and could verify the user issue and diagnose that it was stemming from a non-standard installation of Outlook across a large portion of the business.

“We were losing about 75 hours of productivity per day on an issue our existing monitoring tools couldn’t see,” said Ron Dutta. “Once the issue was solved, productivity spiked and levels of client-service increased across the business.”

SteelCentral Aternity extends McCullough Robertson Lawyers’ visibility into end-user experience of every enterprise app in their portfolio.

Aternity provides the insights to IT team to understand app performance, diagnose issues and improve service levels for employees.

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