How Riverbed is aiding Attune Hearing to ensure business agility

Riverbed for business CIOsAttune Hearing, an audiology service provider in Australia, has deployed a cloud networking solution from Riverbed Technology across more than 44 clinics nationwide, to ensure business agility.

Riverbed Technology said the cloud networking solution combines SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networking) solution Riverbed SteelConnect with WAN optimization Riverbed SteelHead, in a single appliance.

Telstra, as part of a wider investment in modernizing Attune’s infrastructure across the country, is managing the deployment of the Riverbed Technology.

Attune Hearing faced increased competition in recent years as the audiology industry undergoes a major disruption, with several large retailers entering the market. Customer experience has become the primary battleground.

Attune Hearing had been using SteelHead to improve the performance of apps across its network for years, .

“We needed a new, modern approach that would help us continue to optimize the new traffic we were creating, but at the same time, give us greater control and the ability to flex and adapt our network to future needs,” said Jamie Delacey, head of ICT, Attune Hearing.

Attune Hearing upgraded to SteelHead SD, combined with SteelConnect, to simplify networking, reduce the time it takes to spin up new apps, services and locations, and accelerate new traffic crossing their hybrid environment into the cloud.

Additionally, SteelCentral Insights for SteelConnect gives Attune Hearing improved visibility across the network, delivering real-time insight into how their IT environment is performing, which they can act on.

SteelConnect allowed the Attune IT team to make network or application policy changes centrally with a few clicks – versus needing to make manual CLI code changes – enabling the company to be much more agile to the needs of the business and for customers.

Attune Hearing, over the next 18 months, plans to move to a paperless environment, providing a single digital sign-on and seamless experience to customers.

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