Red Hat survey: Mobile app success indicates positive ROI

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A latest survey by Red Hat found that mobile investments are achieving positive returns.

According to the findings of the mobile measurement survey, 74 percent of respondents whose organizations use key performance indicators, or KPIs, to some extent to measure mobile application success are achieving positive return on investment (ROI).

Among the surveyed, 52 percent of respondents claim to have a fully implemented mobile app strategy and 90 percent plan to increase mobile app development investments in 2016.  Of those with a fully implemented mobile app strategy, 96 percent use KPIs to measure app success.

Manufacturing, telecommunications and construction are achieving the most mobile app success. Of respondents whose organizations are measuring mobile app success with defined KPIs, manufacturing, telecoms and construction industries saw the most positive ROI.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that 85 percent of organizations are using KPIs to measure mobile app success, while nine percent use other means and the remainder are not measuring mobile success at all.

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