RADCOM launches MaveriQ Manager for NFV

RADCOM, a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM), has launched MaveriQ Manager, completing the full virtualization of its MaveriQ solution.

The announcement reflects that RADCOM has become the clear choice for NFV-based CEM solutions for service providers, said David Ripstein, RADCOM’s president and CEO.

“The NFV transition we foresaw two years ago is now happening, with up to 40 percent of service providers forecast to deploy and/or trial NFV solutions during the coming year.

“Our ability to deliver a full NFV-based solution is opening the doors to a different scale of opportunities, especially in North America, which is leading the transition to NFV. As these deals play out, we believe that we will be building the business to a whole new level,” Ripstein added.

With the launch of the MaveriQ Manager, RADCOM has now completed the virtualization of all layers of its MaveriQ solution, enabling the entire solution to reside on Cloud infrastructure.

Many Tier I operators are progressing towards virtual architectures, which are proving to be faster and easier to deploy and maintain than traditional network architectures, while also being more flexible and technology-independent.

MaveriQ Manager is an ETSI-compliant VNF (Virtual Network Function) manager, responsible for communication between RADCOM’s VNF, the orchestration layer, and the infrastructure layer, providing full lifecycle management of the virtualized solution.

MaveriQ Manager enables full automation for a wide range of procedures including: virtual probe instantiation, automated vertical and horizontal scaling, healing, and automated hitless software upgrades – with no data loss.

With MaveriQ Manager, RADCOM’s NFV Solution becomes a totally self-managing and self-correcting system, able to identify changes in network topology and traffic levels and adjust itself accordingly, thus saving time and resources, the company said.

RADCOM’s NFV-Based CEM solution delivers virtual probe placement for reduced deployment time and effort; probe deployment on-demand for fast and cost-efficient rollout of new services and new revenue streams; automated scaling to match fluctuating network traffic levels for high capacity networks.

The solution also helps automatically replace faulty components with new for continuous quality of service monitoring. It provides automated hitless software upgrades with no data loss for uninterrupted Customer Experience Management.

Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]

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