RackCorp powered by Brocade SDN capable switches starts data center network transitioning

Sydney-based hosted services provider RackCorp, which selected Brocade Software-Defined Networking (SDN) capable VDX switches and VCS Fabric technology, has started transitioning its data center operations to a new network.

RackCorp that operates from 21 data centers across nine countries is looking at meeting high-bandwidth requirements of its client base through this transition.

“Whilst the RackCorp network is not currently experiencing large loads that impact performance, we could see that our previous capacity would be under stress within the next two to three years. This is a purely strategic deployment now to move to Brocade solutions that offer valid features and provide a roadmap for the future,” said RackCorp director and network operations manager, Stephen Dendtler.

Three main factors influenced RackCorp to select Brocade Ethernet fabric solution.

First, the company is finding it easy to add more switching capacity and cloud-centric capabilities. This apart, RackCorp officials say Brocade solution is a plug-and-play tool that assists RackCorp to scale its networks and provides the ability to deliver more complex customer solutions in an automated manner.

Second, Brocade solution provides the highest performance in its price range, allowing the company to sell at a better price resulting in better outcomes on both sides.

Third, the SDN capabilities of the Brocade VDX switches were another key consideration in RackCorp’s decision.

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