Quantum offers cloud-based backup and disaster recovery service at 1 cent/GB/month

Infotech Lead India: Quantum, a provider of data protection and big data management, has launched its new cloud-based backup and disaster recovery (DR) subscription service.


Quantum has priced Q-Cloud’s secure solution at 1 cent/GB/month.


Quantum has launched Q-Cloud in the U.S. and U.K.


“Q-Cloud takes cloud-based data protection for enterprises to the next level. After years spent optimizing our deduplication technology we are now applying this technique to dramatically lower the cost of cloud storage for backup and DR. With Q-Cloud, patented deduplication, vmPRO software and end-to-end data security, Quantum is delivering the most innovative and comprehensive solutions available for next-generation data protection,” said Henrik Rosendahl, senior vice president, Cloud Solutions, Quantum.


Enterprise customers will benefit as Q-Cloud provides backup of both physical and virtual infrastructures for capacities ranging from 1 TB up to 1 PB of protected data.


Q-Cloud is supposed by DXi-Series data protection and Quantum vmPRO virtual machine protection capabilities both onsite and in the cloud. DXi appliances offer unique, patented deduplication capabilities which revolutionize cloud storage economics.


Quantum said DXi-Series appliances enable Q-Cloud to work with existing backup applications, including Backup Exec, CommVault, Data Protector, NetBackup, vRanger, Tivoli Storage Manager and Veeam.


Quantum vmPRO and DXi achieve data reduction rates of up to 95 percent.


Quantum vmPRO software allows customers to snapshot virtual machines and replicate
them to the cloud, serving as the foundation of Q-Cloud’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering.


Enterprise will gain as subscription pricing converts capital expense to operating expense and allows customers to avoid the cost associated with under-utilized hardware, making it more cost-effective to put an offsite backup and DR solution in place.


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