Quantum helps Germany’s Municipal Govt. to preserve data

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Quantum said it now helps Germany’s District of Lippe to effectively manage and preserve large amount of data.

The municipal government is using a combination of the company’s DXi deduplication appliances and Veeam availability solutions.

The District of Lippe administers a range of vital services for 16 separate urban centers and a rural population, and the IT department manages over 1,500 separate end-user devices.

The data sets the District generates and stores form a critical asset. As the District’s server environment evolved, data protection was a constant challenge, and restoring data was complex and time consuming.

Based on the inputs from the local administration, Quantum said the streamlined backup and restore operation has benefited the entire organization, cutting the time needed for restoring files in half and leaving more time to support the rest of the IT infrastructure.

“The combination of DXi and Veeam is just ideal for us,” said Tim Veers, head of Information Technology, District of Lippe. “Backup processes run reliably, and Veeam ensures that the VM servers are backed up every day, as required.”

“We feel much more secure. The systems run soundly, we get good backup rates and we can retain more backup sets thanks to the very high deduplication rates.”

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