Pure Storage reveals how FlashBlade is assisting business clients

Pure Storage FlashBlade
Pure Storage today revealed the achievements of its enterprises clients who used the FlashBlade that was available from January 2017.

Par Botes, VP of Products, Pure Storage, said: “A storage system that can take 10 varied workloads and run them all at the same time will run 10x faster. While most systems are tuned for specialized and specific types of workloads, FlashBlade was built to be optimized for everything, which provides customers with a significant competitive advantage.”

Zenuity, a venture of auto maker Volvo Cars and automotive safety systems co Autoliv, has selected FlashBlade and NVIDIA DGX-1 as the foundation for its machine learning project to put the safest autonomous vehicles on the road by 2021.

“FlashBlade provides the scalability and performance needed for a machine learning project of this magnitude,” said Samuel Scheidegger, Machine Learning Researcher at Zenuity. “FlashBlade has the ability to scale linearly allowing Zenuity to expand its machine learning platform with computational power.”

A webscale cloud company has selected FlashBlade to power the most powerful AI supercomputers in the world. The engine ingests unstructured user data that is then relies on FlashBlade to provide a high-performance platform for textual analysis, facial recognition, targeted advertisements and predictive analysis.

The UC Berkeley genomics department then implemented Apache Spark on top of FlashBlade to serve as an accelerator in genomic sequencing.

“FlashBlade provides a data platform which allows us to analyze everyone’s genetic makeup and deliver medicine that is more precise and tailored to each individual,” said Anthony D Joseph, a core faculty member of UC Berkeley’s Center for Computational Biology (CCB).

Man AHL leverages Apache Spark on top of FlashBlade to create and execute computer models that make investment decisions. The London firm adopted FlashBlade to deliver the storage throughput and scalability required to meet its most demanding simulation applications.

“Our researchers have found that FlashBlade can greatly improve the usability and performance of Spark for performing multiple simulations,” said Gary Collier, co-CTO, Man AHL. “We have seen as much as 10-20x improvement in throughput for Spark workloads.”

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