Pure Storage brings FlashBlade with 5-fold improvement in capacity

Pure Storage for business technology
Pure Storage announced its latest FlashBlade will offer five-fold improvements in both capacity and performance.

FlashBlade customers will be able to manage up to 75 blades as a single system. The company also announced an all-flash S3 object store to unlock additional use cases in rich media, healthcare and advanced analytics.

Pure Storage at Pure//Accelerate 2017 also introduced a 17TB blade to complement existing 8TB and 52TB configurations.

Since its introduction in March 2016, FlashBlade has helped organizations in automotive, machine learning, oil and gas, professional sports, healthcare, SaaS, and predictive analytics.

“With FlashBlade, our mission is to make big data into fast data with an all-flash platform that is big, fast, and simple to deploy – and one that provides value across all industries and segments,” said Par Botes, VP of FlashBlade, Pure Storage.

With the latest Purity software for FlashBlade, customers can scale from seven to 75 blades for a total maximum effective capacity of 8PB and raw capacity of 4PB.

With a proprietary networking module that allows up to five chassis to be managed as one cohesive system, organizations can deploy larger-scale, higher-performance systems that process more data at higher speeds.

“We have the option to increase capacity by five-fold to create one system that communicates and integrates seamlessly,” said Jim Dolan, global manager of HPC at ION.

Pure Storage announced the availability of a 17TB blade to complement existing 8TB and 52TB configurations targeting small-to-medium-sized deployments.

Pure Storage announced Pure1 META, its Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for delivering on the vision of self-driving storage.

Pure1 META delivers predictive intelligence by collecting and analyzing over 1 trillion array telemetry data points per day and enables effortless management, analytics and support.

Through the new Workload DNA generated by Pure1 META, customers will be able, for the first time in the industry, to predict both capacity and performance and get intelligent advice on workload deployment, interaction and optimization.

Pure Storage announced new software and hardware innovations for the FlashArray product line that redefine tier one storage.

The main feature in Purity//FA 5.0 is ActiveCluster, an active metro stretch cluster solution. Purity ActiveCluster provides business continuity across the data center or metro region. Application workloads on clustered Oracle, SQL Server, SAP, VMware Metro Storage Cluster (vMSC) or Hyper-V continue to run transparently and effortlessly.