Pricing model fuels Vidyo’s billing growth

Infotech Lead America: Vidyo delivered 68 percent billings growth for 2012.

The company’s market reach expanded with its top 25 reseller partners growing over 435 percent in aggregate from Q1 2011 through Q4 2012, key new partnerships with companies such as Nintendo and 24 service providers and healthcare partners.

Vidyo’s service provider segment expanded with 24 new partners, opening up new markets.

Vidyo unlocked several market segments in FY 2012 with marquee federal wins. The healthcare vertical grew by 77 percent and enterprise business grew by 54 percent year-over-year.

Vidyo’s pricing model enables end users to get personal video conferencing at audio conferencing price points. In FY 2012, 51 percent of Vidyo’s billings came from outside of the United States, bringing the company new customer growth and 18 percent quarterly repeat sales.

Vidyo made impacts in the telehealth market, driving technology innovation for healthcare providers and enabling new applications for patient care and physician collaboration, forging partnerships with companies like Philips, HealthSpot, REACH Health, Rubbermaid Telemedicine and AMD Global Telemedicine.

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