Polycom video collaboration supports flood relief efforts in Liaoning Province, China

Polycom video collaboration solution served as a safety valve to 42 million residents of Liaoning Province, China, who were affected by the catastrophic flood that hit more than 316,000 people and a direct economic loss of over ¥7 billion (approximately US$1.1B), Polycom said in an announcement.

The company provided unified management of emergency response teams with multiple system backups in low bandwidth environments.

By using video solutions from Polycom, emergency management teams were able to analyze real-time flood data, discuss relief methods, and identify mitigation and assistance actions to be taken, aiding thousands of people in the affected areas.

Polycom video collaboration

The flood emergency response platform consists of Polycom HD video conference system with 127 cameras monitoring reservoirs and critical water courses across the province. With this platform, government officials organized comprehensive discussions on the impact of the event and decided how to address the associated issues.

The Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server 2000 and 4000 HD multi-point control units, Polycom RSS 4000 HD recording-broadcasting server, and Polycom HDX endpoints have been integrated into the governmental flood and drought control platform to meet future command requirements.

The video conferencing solution allows officials to promptly call flood control meetings and manage relief activities by facilitating face-to-face discussion and decision-making processes for emergency teams.

Polycom HD video solutions address this need through video collaboration with 1080p 30fps point-to-point HD video conferencing and 720p 60fps end-to-end full motion HD broadcast quality.

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