Polycom now helps to connect multiple video systems


Polycom offered RealConnect solution for Skype for Business, an easy way to connect video calls across a multi-vendor environment.

“Now, participants using any video vendor, from Skype for Business, to Polycom and Cisco, and on any device, from voice to immersive telepresence suites, can join a unified meeting with one simple click,” Polycom said in a statement.

So far, Skype for Business video conferencing users could not meet or share content with participants using other video platforms. RealConnect technology eliminates this barrier.

“Polycom RealConnect technology has continued to push the innovation curve, and its latest iteration allows for best-in-class Skype for Business collaboration with all other video platforms,” said Ashan Willy Senior Vice President, Product Management & Worldwide Systems Engineering.

How it works?

Users can invite participants to join meetings by using Microsoft Outlook. They can connect from anywhere, from mobile devices to Polycom and Cisco Immersive rooms, and receive the same meeting experience.

Skype for Business users see multiple viewing strips of those joining the call. As many as nine sites may be seen at the same time.

“It became apparent pretty quickly that Polycom RealConnect technology is a good fit with Skype for Business,” said Mike Palumbo, TransUnion’s Senior Director of the Technology Infrastructure and Support Group.

The RealConnect technology is part of the RealPresence Clariti platform. It can be purchased as a software only subscription based solution.