Polycom introduces four new services designed to help enterprises accelerate user adoption

Sudhakar Ramakrishna, Polycom president of products and services

Infotech Lead India: Polycom has introduced Polycom Adoption Services, four new services designed to help enterprises accelerate user adoption.

Polycom is trying to address customer needs.

Its customers report that Polycom video collaboration saves them an average of 24 percent in sales-related costs and 30 percent in travel costs, while accelerating time-to-market an average of 24 percent.

Embracing video collaboration saves them time, reduces business travel, enables them to communicate effectively and make more informed decisions, and allows them to achieve better work-life balance by reducing time spent away from home.

The new adoption services are the following:

Adoption Consulting

To establish a framework for adoption, Polycom consultants conduct surveys and interviews to assess business needs, objectives, and the technology environment, as well as individual user needs to help create the solution design that enables a simple and reliable user experience that is essential for successful adoption. They also work with customers to produce an action plan and to identify a tool for measuring adoption over time.

Adoption Portal

This service offers a scalable, cost-effective, and user-friendly alternative to expensive and unwieldy on-site training. Adoption Portal is a turnkey package for creating a customized online user resource that features an array of video tutorials, how-tos, FAQs, and other content illustrating how users can make video collaboration part of their everyday workflow.

Adoption Campaign

Enterprises can accelerate adoption by engaging users with a promotional campaign that reinforces the value and advantages of video collaboration. Polycom provides customizable banners, posters, videos and email communications while directing users to the company’s video portal.

RealPresence Analytics

This cloud-based service is built around an easy-to-use reporting solution that helps accurately gauge adoption through in-depth measurement and analysis. Easily customized reports track adoption across several metrics, and advanced analytics help inform ongoing planning and resource allocation plans by enabling customers to identify usage patterns, service quality and cost trends.

The four new services augment Polycom’s existing technology optimization services.

“Today, Polycom sets a new standard by introducing new services specifically devoted to helping customers create a culture of collaboration across their enterprise and, in doing so, accelerate user adoption and their ROI from Polycom RealPresence solutions,” said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, Polycom’s president of products and services.

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