Plantronics CEO Ken Kannappan takes 4-month leave due to treatable cancer

Infotech Lead America: Plantronics President and CEO Ken Kannappan has gone on 4-month medical leave due to treatable form of cancer

During the temporary medical leave of absence, Ken will stay involved in directing the company to the extent practical.

Plantronics CFO Pamela Strayer will serve as the acting CEO during Ken’s absence.

Pam joined Plantronics in July 2012 as senior vice president and chief financial officer. She is responsible for all aspects of the company’s financial management in addition to managing the company’s IT, legal and investor relations organizations.

Recently, market intelligence agency Frost & Sullivan awarded the company a Visionary Innovation Award in recognition of the company’s accomplishments in the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) and Customer-Care markets.

Frost & Sullivan defines Visionary Innovation as the ability to identify key Mega Trends and proactively address unmet needs with disruptive solutions that can greatly improve business performance as well as individuals’ work and personal lives.

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