Peabody Orlando Hotel deploys Avaya network

Infotech Lead America: Peabody Orlando Hotel has deployed Avaya network.

Peabody Orlando Hotel has upgraded its convention center and expanded hotel to an always-on network and its current annual earnings are around $300,000 from convention center services.

As part of an expansion plan, the hotel spent around $450 million. The hotel increased its meeting space from 60,000 to 300,000 square feet.

Avaya assisted the hotel to create revenue from its IT services, while the new Avaya network enabled Peabody Orlando to provide 10 gigabit communications for meetings and convention activities, and create new revenue streams instead of outsourcing these services to an external service provider.

“For us to retain a Four Diamond, Four Star quality hotel rating, we must be able to quickly mobilize and act on behalf of our guests. In today’s connected world, the network plays a big role in the services we offer and it becomes a key selling point to customers. We wanted a hotel network that would provide guests with the same high level of quality they get at work or at home. It also had to meet our internal needs and be a source of revenue for us. Working with Avaya gave us a very talented group of implementation specialists who were able to look at our complete needs and get very excited about the project. And by using a single vendor, I only need to make one phone call to solve a problem,” said Brian Seays, regional IT director, Peabody Hotel Group.

Te new Avaya network contributes to the hotel’s Greener Peabody environmental commitment by dramatically reducing energy consumption through a much smaller footprint: the old network required a 300 square-foot telecom room with a dedicated data center backup; today, the hotel’s new network can be measured in square inches.

The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8800 resides in the core of the Peabody Orlando’s new network. The ERS 8800 will scale to affordably meet the Peabody Orlando’s expanding communications services for the next five to 10 years. The ERS 8800 delivers full-featured network virtualization capabilities, exceptional value and cost-effectiveness, and class-leading 10G Ethernet port densities.

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