Paul Mountford is the new CEO of Riverbed Technologies

Riverbed Technologies announced the appointment of Paul Mountford as CEO, succeeding Jerry M Kennelly.
Riverbed for business CIOs
Jerry M Kennelly is retiring after serving as CEO since co-founding Riverbed in 2002. Paul Mountford joined Riverbed nearly four years ago as SVP and chief sales officer, leading the transformation of the sales organization and partner program.

Paul Mountford, who has assisted Riverbed to evolve into a multi-product platform company that delivers a modern IT architecture for digital enterprise, played a key role in the execution of Riverbed’s digital performance strategy.

Riverbed has a total addressable market surpassing $30 billion. Riverbed is a billion-dollar company serving 30,000 customers and every Forbes Global 100 company.

“We have an extraordinary opportunity in front of us to lead businesses forward as they modernize their IT architecture to take full advantage of cloud and mobile technologies and accelerate their digital strategies,” Paul Mountford, CEO of Riverbed Technology, said.

Earlier, Paul Mountford was CEO of Sentillian, a New York-based web intelligence start-up focused on monitoring publicly shared content. Paul Mountford also worked at Cisco for 16 years in senior leadership roles. He was the head of Cisco’s $34 billion Enterprise line of business, initiating the company’s Emerging Markets division, and rebuilding and running Cisco’s channel partner program from 2001 to 2006.

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