Patients in Brazil satisfied with virtual consultation: Cisco

One-hundred percent of patients surveyed in Brazil said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their virtual consultation, said Cisco.

Ninety-three present of patients surveyed and who participated in virtual consultations found them effective and were satisfied with their experience.

To conduct the research, Cisco surveyed between 26 and 30 patients about their experiences with the telehealth pilot program that provides healthcare to underserved children in Sergipe, Brazil.

Ninety-six percent said that using technology during consultations has reduced the amount of time they need to travel to get access to specialized care and that the overall cost burden on their family has been reduced due to the use of Telepresence at their clinic.

Cisco Live 2014 - DX70 and DX80 desktop collaboration devices

Ninety-two percent of patients agree that the use of Cisco Telepresence at their local clinic has improved their quality of care and would recommend Telehealth to other family members.

Cisco’s program has proved successful in pilots in the United States and China’s Sichuan Province.

The pilot program Connected Healthy Children – Brazil will officially conclude later in April 2015, after which the Federal University of Sergipe will take the pilot into production deployment and oversee the program moving forward.

Despite challenges, 40 patients were able to benefit from telehealth consultations in the initial pilot. According to the report, the program is now ready to support more consultations and will expand to serve hundreds of patients in 2015.

“Cisco is proud to help bring pediatric care to Sergipe via Cisco telehealth technology so children have enhanced access to the quality healthcare they need to stay healthy,” said Brantz Myers, senior manager for Global Healthcare Solutions for Cisco Corporate Affairs.

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