Panduit expands network cabling solution for high density applications

Panduit CEO Tom Donovan
Panduit has added UTP and Shielded Category 6A performance patch cords to its 28-AWG cabling solutions, the company said on Wednesday.

“The demand for small diameter cabling solutions continues to grow, showing that IT managers around the globe value the space-savings benefits these offerings bring,” said Dennis Renaud, vice president of Panduit Enterprise Business.

With a diameter of only 0.185 inch for both UTP and Shielded versions, the new Category 6A patch cords occupy just 45% of the space of standard Category 6A 24-AWG patch cords, bringing the advantages of higher cabling density and increased pathway capacity to users of 10GBASE-T networks.

Due to their significantly smaller size, more than twice as many 28-AWG patch cords can fit within existing pathways as compared to typical 24-AWG cords, providing immediate relief for congested pathways simply by using the smaller size cords.

In addition, the new cords allow up to 27 percent more open space between cords which provides increased visibility of port numbers and more room for accessing plugs and routing cords.

As an indication of the growing market acceptance of these smaller diameter cords, Panduit has passed the 1 million mark in the total number of 28-AWG patch cords sold in 2015.

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