Padmasree Warrior joins electric vehicle firm NextEV

Padmasree Warrior joins NextEV
Padmasree Warrior, who resigned from Cisco as the chief technology and strategy officer (CTSO) in September 2015, has joined as chief development officer of NextEV, and chief executive officer of NextEV US.

Earlier, there were rumors that Padmasree Warrior would join Twitter. Earlier, Padmasree Warrior was tipped to become the CEO of Cisco in place of John Chambers.

She will be based in San Jose, CA where NextEV US is headquartered. She will also be a board member of NextEV.

NextEV, an electric vehicle company, was founded with funding from enterprises and entrepreneurs including Tencent; founder William Li; founder Xiang Li; founder Richard Liu, and investment firms including Hillhouse Capital; Sequoia Capital and JOY Capital.

The Shanghai- headquartered NextEV has design, research and development centers in San Jose, Munich, Beijing, Hong Kong and London.

William Li is the founder and chairman of NextEV, and founder of BITAUTO, China’s largest automotive Internet company. Martin Leach is the President of NextEV.

“As the electric vehicle industry emerges, there is a tremendous opportunity to provide a user-centric transportation experience. By integrating advanced technologies in the mobile Internet era, NextEV will make electric vehicles an enjoyable experience in people’s daily life,” Warrior said.

NextEV will provide an affordable zero-emission vehicle that will achieve the recent commitment by California, and 12 other North American and European governments, for all new cars to be zero-emission by 2050, as well as California’s Executive Order to deploy 1.5 million ZEVs by 2025, and California’s goal to reduce California’s petroleum use by up to 50 percent by 2030.

At Cisco, Warrior was charged with aligning the company’s technology and business strategy to business results. She was in charge of corporate strategy, mergers, acquisitions, venture investments, and strategic partnerships.

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