Orixcom and Zadara offer enterprise storage as-a-service solution

Zadara Storage, provider of enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS) has offered its Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) platform as part of Orixcom’s portfolio of services.

The company said organizations in Middle East and Africa (MEA) region experiences a compounding effect on their data storage, their capacity is growing exponentially while the value of their data is increasing.

Zadara Virtual Private Storage Array enterprise storage as-a-service solution addresses growing MEA need both in the cloud and at customer sites while addressing the need for cost-effective, agile data storage.

“We chose Zadara Storage as our partner because their solution is a pure OpEx, fully elastic, enterprise-grade storage as a service,” said Andrew Grenville, CEO at Orixcom.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer the Zadara VPSA to a new set of customers within the MEA region,” said Dani Naor, vice president, international sales, at Zadara Storage.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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