Orange Business VPN Internet Accelerate offers 10 times speed

Orange Business Services
Orange Business Services said its Business VPN Internet Accelerate — based on Akamai Cloud Networking — provides access to cloud applications up to ten times faster for enterprises.

The business-grade Internet service, which will be globally available in early 2016, helps improve productivity by ensuring employees to access internal and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications globally.

The addition to the Orange Business VPN global offer for multinational corporations delivers up to ten times faster access to cloud applications such as CRM, ERP and Business Intelligence.

With optimized SaaS access, enterprise users no longer have to wait for cloud-based applications, dashboards and documents to open and save. Business VPN Internet Accelerate also provides reliable VPN transport over the Internet for branch office sites connected via an IPSec tunnel over the Internet.

The global Akamai Intelligent Platform includes nearly 200,000 servers across more than 110 countries and advanced optimization technologies.

“Business VPN Internet Accelerate complements our Business VPN offering and allows enterprises to embrace global hybrid networks and the Internet, while maximizing reliability, performance and security,” said Pierre-Louis Biaggi, vice president, Connectivity Solutions, Orange Business Services.

Orange Business Services is currently running pilots of Business VPN Internet Accelerate with a number of enterprises.

Baburajan K
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