Orange backs Merck’s digital transformation

Orange Business Services
Merck, a science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials, has deployed a 200-site, next-generation network to support its digital transformation with the help of Orange Business Services.

Telefonica Business Solutions has selected Cisco technology to automate its IP network.

Orange Business Services, which would help the 350 year-old family-owned company with its digital transformation, did not reveal the financial details of the deal. Last month, Orange Business Services signed a network and security deal with consumer and industrial goods manufacturer Henkel.

The decision to adopt advanced technologies – as part of Merck’s business strategy, was achieved with the technological support from Orange Business Services, the French B2B service provider.

In May, Merck chief executive officer Kenneth C Frazier said: “Business development remains one of our most important priorities, and we are actively engaged in finding the best external innovation that will help grow our portfolio and pipeline.”

The transformation and investment in IT was important for Merck because Merck’s revenue fell to $9.3 billion in the first quarter of 2016 as compared to $9.4 billion over a year ago.

Orange Business Services says the network and related services will reduce complexity throughout Merck’s infrastructure and enable higher level of collaboration. The company did not share specific details on benefits to Merck.

The contract between Merck and Orange Business Services builds on their existing relationship.

The offering for Merck comprises a global wide area network (WAN), network traffic optimization using Riverbed technology, management of local area networks (LAN), remote access services, regional Internet access points and audio conferencing services.

Orange redesigned Merck’s global network and incorporated optimization technologies delivered via Enterprise Application Management Riverbed.

This technology uses Riverbed’s SteelHead CX to enhance the performance of all applications, including on-premise, cloud and SaaS, across multiple networks.

“Continuous real-time connectivity for all communication channels is crucial to improve our employee productivity and ensure seamless customer interaction,” said James E Stewart, CIO of Merck.

Meanwhile, in June, Orange Business Services has won an extended contract to deliver global networking services for the Government Offices of Sweden to 100 embassies and consulates around the world. A customer since 2001, the Government Offices of Sweden expanded the current contract Orange Business Services has held since 2013.

Arya MM
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