Oracle promises 20-50% better single-thread performance on SPARC server’s 25th anniversary

Infotech Lead Asia: Oracle says its SPARC server customers can expect 2 to 6 times faster throughput and 20 to 50 percent better single-thread performance in coming years.

Oracle is the #1 vendor in the Application Server category with a market share of 43.1 percent based on revenue in 2012, according to Gartner.

With a growth rate of 18.4 percent, Oracle leads the application server category with a total market share (based on revenue) greater than the next three competitors combined and almost 10 points higher than its nearest competitor.

Venkatesh Krishnan, vice president, Systems, Oracle India, said: “Customers have shown complete faith in SPARC servers to run their mission-critical applications that require high performance, best-in-class availability, unmatched scalability and unparalleled reliability.”

Leading Indian enterprises have adopted SPARC servers to control costs, reduce system complexities, for faster server operations and data security.

Reliance BIG Entertainment and Tikona are two customers of SPARC server platform which is celebrating 25 years globally.

TS Purushothaman, VP – IT, Reliance BIG Entertainment, said: “We preferred SPARC servers as it delivers best in terms of reliability and predictability to provide a consistent IT experience to business users and partners at an attractive price/performance and TCO. We have been using SPARC/Solaris Platform for more than 4 years now and it has helped us respond well to the changing business dynamics of our entertainment industry.”

Tikona, a broadband company, benefitted from SPARC-based servers for more than five years.

Tarun Kumar, CTO, Tikona Digital Networks, said: “The integration between Solaris and Oracle’s SPARC hardware gives a much better performance than the other alternatives available. Our mission-critical applications and databases have been running on the M5000 series with 0 percent downtime till date.”

Recently, Oracle announced that its SPARC T4 servers featuring Oracle Solaris power mission-critical workloads in over 3,000 enterprises worldwide, nearly 4-times the number announced one year ago.

Oracle is driving continued innovation in SPARC with a $5 billion a year spend on research and development.

SPARC is Oracle’s biggest hardware install base, and Oracle continues to improve, upgrade and make engineering investments in SPARC technologies to consistently provide world-class server and application performance for a lower TCO.

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