Oracle FS1 flash storage outperforms EMC XtremIO by up to 9x

Oracle on Monday said its FS1 flash storage system outperformed EMC XtremIO by up to 9 times.

This apart, Oracle claims that FS1-2 is 400x more efficient than HP 3PAR and EMC VNX2 — moving data in 640KB blocks, which saves flash resources and optimizes performance for Oracle databases.

Oracle FS1 Series gives enterprises the option to exploit the economics of hard disk without affecting the predictable performance expected from an all-flash array.

Oracle FS1-2 building blocks deliver up to 8x higher IOPS and 9.7x higher throughput than EMC XtremIO X-Bricks at less than half the cost per TB.

The company in a statement said that Oracle FS1 Series autotiers data across four storage tiers using business priority and application workload characteristics to deliver the lowest cost per IOP and per terabyte.


Hybrid Columnar Compression compresses data by 10x to 50x.

Julien Mousqueton, CTO, Groupe AGRICA, said: “FS1 will enable us to standardize on an intelligent storage platform that simplifies storage services and SLA management for our private cloud to support our company’s future growth.”

Keolis, France’s largest private sector transport group, plans to implement a three-way disaster recovery configuration based on FS1 as a highly scalable storage platform combined with the FS1 high-availability data-replication features.

“We need a high performance and highly available storage infrastructure to support all of our booking and ticketing systems, communications, passenger information and video security systems in a heavily virtualized environment,” said Olivier Parcollet, information system architect, Keolis.

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