Oracle ADF Mobile Release 1.1 aims at advanced mobile app developers

Infotech Lead India: Oracle is targeting advanced mobile app developers for its newly launched ADF Mobile Release 1.1.

Oracle ADF Mobile Release 1.1, an extension of the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), offers support for device-native push notification, new device integration infrastructure based on Apache Cordova, file attachment viewing, updated mobile operating system support, and improved performance.

Enabling the development of more advanced mobile applications, Oracle said, Oracle ADF Mobile Release 1.1 is a mobile development framework based on Java and HTML5.

Part of Oracle Fusion Middleware, the latest version enables developers to build, deploy, and extend enterprise applications for mobile environments from a single code base.

Oracle claims that the ADF Mobile is the only cross-platform solution based on Java, the standard for enterprise software that enables application development for both iOS and Android devices.

Chris Tonas, vice president Application Development Tools, Oracle, said: “With push notification and the new Cordova infrastructure, Oracle ADF Mobile 1.1 further enhances developer productivity and enables them to cost-effectively deliver mobile applications faster.”

Officials with ECS Team, a customer of Oracle, said that the latest release of Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile reduced the development time and delivered an application to its client in weeks rather than months.

Greg Opie, director of Solutions Architecture, ECS Team, said: “We are eager to use the new capabilities in Oracle ADF Mobile 1.1 to continue to expand our competitive advantage in the development of mobile applications.”

In addition, Oracle ADF Mobile allows OraPlayer’s modernization solution to keep up with the evolving mobile technologies and complex needs of Oracle Forms customers.

Mia Urman, CEO, OraPlayer, said: “Due to the standards-based openness of Oracle ADF Mobile, we are able to extend Oracle Fusion Middleware-based applications to mobile devices without incurring the cost of making changes to the core application, bringing significant business value to our customers.”


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