One-third of healthcare facilities in U.S. rely on AeroHive solutions

Infotech Lead America: Aerohive Networks, a provider of controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled enterprise networking, has revealed that one-third of the top 50 long-term healthcare providers in the United States rely on Aerohive’s wireless platform to provide competent patient care solutions.
Aerohive’s ‘mobile first’ networking solutions enables healthcare facilities to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes by giving medical providers easy access to critical information at the point of care. It simplifies tasks like downloading patient lists for the day, using tablets for electronic charting, retrieving EMRs while on-the-go and using medical applications like PointClickCare, Caretracker or the voice-activated Accunurse.
Within the past year, Aerohive has grown its business in healthcare by over 100 percent. One-third of the top long-term care facilities across the United States use  Aerohive’s mobility-optimized networking solutions to provide their communities of caregivers, healthcare IT admins and assisted living personnel with seamless, robust, mobile application performance.
Aerohive’s integrated security, monitoring and reporting capabilities helps facilities provide HIPAA compliant service.
Aerohive’s cloud-enabled Wi-Fi, routing and switching products provide the nation’s leading healthcare providers such as Brookdale Senior Living, Riverside Health Care Systems and RHA Health Services with mobility optimized network solutions distributed all over North America.
Aerohive’s HiveManager is a cloud-enabled network management system that provides centralized management to healthcare facilities. It provides round the clock deep visibility into critical applications across all locations and devices so that IT can dynamically optimize application performance based on user context.
HiveManager enables hands-free deployment and remote management of Aerohive access points (APs), routers, and switches as large care providers like Brookdale could have thousands of widely distributed networking devices.
Pervasive wireless connectivity enables resident patients to utilize email and popular Internet applications to stay connected with relatives and loved ones. Aerohive’s secure guest access allows facilities to provide Internet access to residents and guests as well, while safeguarding sensitive medical information to comply with compliance standards.
Aerohive’s controller-less architecture makes deployment easy and cost-effective.  These benefits are crucial to healthcare facilities that have restricted IT budgets and tight profit margins.