Nvidia buys DeepMap, a developer of maps for autonomous vehicles

Nvidia has decided to acquired DeepMap, a startup dedicated to building high-definition maps for autonomous vehicles (AV).
Nvidia at trade show
DeepMap was founded five years ago by Wu and Mark Wheeler, veterans of Google, Apple and Baidu, among other companies.

The US-based company has developed a high-definition mapping solution that has been validated by the AV industry with a wide array of potential customers around the world, Nvidia said in a statement.

“The acquisition is an endorsement of DeepMap’s unique vision, technology and people,” said Ali Kani, vice president and general manager of Automotive at Nvidia.

“DeepMap is expected to extend our mapping products, help us scale worldwide map operations and expand our full self-driving expertise,” Ali Kani said.

Nvidia will be working with DeepMap’s ecosystem to meet their needs, investing in new capabilities and services for new and existing partners.

“Joining forces with Nvidia will allow our technology to scale quickly and benefit more people sooner,” said James Wu, co-founder and CEO of DeepMap.

Nvidia DRIVE is a software-defined platform that enables continuous improvement and deployment via over-the-air updates. DeepMap’s technology will bolster the mapping and localisation capabilities available on DRIVE.

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