Nvidia AI computing platform smashes performance records

Nvidia revealed that it smashed performance records for its AI computing platform in the latest benchmark test rounds of MLPerf, extending its lead on AI performance of hardware, software and services.
Nvidia AI performanceNvidia, the US-based chip maker, has won every test across all six application areas for data centre and edge computing systems in the second version of MLPerf Inference.

The benchmark called MLPerf is from the MLPerf organisation, an industry consortium that administers the tests.

Organisations across a range of industries are already tapping into the Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPU’s exceptional inference performance to take AI from their research groups into daily operations.

“We’re at a tipping point as every industry seeks better ways to apply AI to offer new services and grow their business,” said Ian Buck, general manager and vice president of Accelerated Computing at Nvidia.

Nvidia said it extended lead on MLPerf benchmark with its A100 chip delivering up to 237 times faster AI inference than CPUs, enabling businesses to move AI from research to production.

For the first time, NVIDIA GPUs now offer more AI inference capacity in the public cloud than CPUs.

Total cloud AI inference compute capacity on NVIDIA GPUs has been growing roughly 10x every two years.

The benchmarks showed that NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU continues to be a solid inference platform for mainstream enterprise, edge servers and cost-effective cloud instances.

Nvidia said financial institutions are using AI to answer customer questions faster; retailers are using AI to keep shelves stocked; and healthcare providers are using AI to analyze millions of medical images to more accurately identify disease and help save lives.

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