NTT Communications launches Arcstar Universal One Virtual

NTT Communications revealed the launch of Arcstar Universal One Virtual, allowing users to create and use overlay networks on-demand via corporate networks or the Internet using software-defined network (SDN) virtual technology.

The Company has launched Arcstar Universal One Virtual in 27 countries including 12 in the Asia Pacific, 11 in the EU, Middle East and Africa and 4 in the Americas.

NTT Com has newly established Arcstar Universal One Virtual platforms on the East Coast of the United States and in the United Kingdom, joining existing platforms in Japan.

NTT Com's Arcstar Universal One Virtual

Company officials said additional platforms will be established on the U.S. West Coast, Hong Kong and Singapore after July.

By installing the Application on a PC, smartphone or similar device or by using customer premise equipment, customers can create one or more flexible, rapid, low-cost and on-demand networks.

Also, the user remains in their existing network environment so there is no need to change IP addresses.

Additionally, integrated management and operation of newly created virtual networks are possible via the NTT Communications business portal.

The portal reduces the time to add or change network configurations and also facilitates real-time service activation.

Arcstar Universal One Virtual also enables quick implementation of secure connectivity in internet environments via VPN.

Further, NTT plans to enhance Arctsar Universal One Virtual by adding extending API liberation and strengthen authentication to enable customer reform their business through advanced ICT technology.

In March, NTT Com joined hands with Microsoft Japan to launch unified communications cloud service, Arcstar UCaaS Microsoft Type in Japan.

Shilpa Khatri
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