Nokia Chosen by Jacto to Deploy Private Wireless Network for 5G Smart Factory in Brazil

Finnish technology company Nokia has been awarded a groundbreaking project by Brazilian machinery corporation Jacto to implement a private wireless network, incorporating both 4.9G/LTE and 5G capabilities, for the agricultural machinery industry across Latin America. This initiative underscores the accelerating digital transformation within the industry.
Nokia private wireless network for enterprisesJacto, a multinational company with a strong foothold in the machinery sector, is on the verge of establishing a 5G Smart Factory in Pompeia, situated in the Sao Paulo province of Brazil. With an expansive area of 96,000 square meters, the factory is poised to feature cutting-edge technologies such as an automated painting system, autonomous vehicle handling, and an automated storage system. The facility will also house an advanced training center to nurture skills and knowledge among the workforce.

Nokia has emerged as the preferred partner to deploy a private wireless network for this ambitious venture, leveraging the Nokia Modular Private Wireless solution utilizing 5G NSA. The network will harness the 700 MHz band for 4.9G/LTE and the 3.7 GHz band for 5G, ensuring robust connectivity with pervasive high capacity and ultra-low latency to propel the 5G Smart Factory into fruition. Complementary services including installation, configuration, training, and assisted operations will also be provided by Nokia.

Fernando Goncalves, President at Jacto, expressed enthusiasm for the new plant and its potential to cater to both domestic and international markets. The product lines at the factory will encompass spraying, fertilizing, planting, harvesting coffee and sugar cane, as well as precision agriculture, digital technology, and autonomous vehicles. Goncalves acknowledged Nokia’s selection, citing their proposal’s superior quality, robustness, and scalability, aligning with Jacto’s project requirements.

Marcelo Entreconti, Head of Nokia Enterprise for Latin America, shared the company’s passion for projects in the agroindustry sector and conveyed gratitude to Jacto for the trust placed in Nokia for this pivotal endeavor. Entreconti expressed eagerness to further broaden their collaboration.

Nokia’s industrial-grade private wireless networks have emerged as a linchpin in the digital transformation journey for manufacturing companies, delivering robust, secure, predictable, and pervasive wireless coverage essential for Industry 4.0 use cases.

Nokia’s extensive experience in deploying mission-critical networks across various industry segments globally positions them as a leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions. To date, they have successfully implemented networks for over 2,200 prominent enterprise customers, spanning manufacturing, health, transport, energy, large enterprises, ports, webscale industries, and the public sector.

This collaboration between Nokia and Jacto is anticipated to significantly impact the agricultural machinery industry in Latin America, setting new standards for technological integration and innovation.