NICE Systems unveils industry’s first mobile workforce optimization suite

Infotech Lead India: NICE Systems has launched its mobile workforce optimization suite.

The industry’s first mobile workforce optimization suite, as claimed by NICE Systems, enables customer service managers and employees access to operational and personal data using their mobile phone or tablet.

“It’s critical to enable customer service managers and employees the flexibility to use our solutions regardless of their location,” said Yochai Rozenblat, president of the NICE Enterprise Group. “For the first time, managers can basically hold contact center operations in their hands and can take the immediate steps necessary to shape their operations in real time to assure customer satisfaction. In today’s empowered work environment, all enterprise applications should provide these capabilities.”

NICE is targeting to bring out high quality applications to engage with enterprise, helping to facilitate an atmosphere and business operation where employees interact in a more social and engaging manner for enhanced customer service and a better work environment.

Benefits of the mobile workforce optimization suite:

  • enables managers to oversee
    maintain control of operational metrics and activities in real time
  • can accomplish multiple tasks
  • perform scheduling changes
    respond to time-off requests and approve or contest commissions and rewards
  • allow faster responses to employee, customer, and market demands
  • save valuable management time and increasing employee satisfaction

The NICE mobile WFO suite also gives employees control over their scheduling requests and access to their development plans, performance statistics and variable pay. This improves employee satisfaction and productivity by empowering them to take more ownership of their performance overall.

NICE said its Manager On-the-Go tablet application allows contact center managers to involve themselves in ongoing interactions in real time. Managers can intervene through conferencing or chat in order to help employees satisfy customers and shape interactions as they happen. All of this can be done while away from their workstation, allowing managers to be mobile within the contact center and to engage with agents as needed in order to resolve issues.

For example, an inexperienced agent is in the midst of a billing dispute with a VIP customer. As soon as the customer raises his voice, the system sends an alert to the front line manager, who’s away from her desk. Taking all of the parameters into consideration, the manager then decides to listen in on the conversation, guides the agents via chat, and can even conference into the call if needed.

Recently, NICE launched the NICE Mobile Reach (MR) solution. The new solution is aimed at offering assisted customer service over smartphones and tablets. NICE Mobile Reach is designed to offer enterprises to assist mobile customers select the best channel for completing their transaction.

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