Networking industry welcomes Cisco Open Network Environment

At Cisco Live 2012, Cisco announced Open Network Environment (Cisco ONE). The networking industry has welcomed the innovative move.

The new program will assist enterprise customers to drive business innovation through trends such as cloud, mobility, social networking, and video. Cisco ONE is expected to enable flexible, application-driven customization of network infrastructures to help realize business objectives such as: increased service velocity, resource optimization, and faster monetization of new services.

“The Cisco Open Network Environment is key to our vision of an intelligent network that is more open, programmable, and application-aware — a vision in which the network is transformed into a more effective business enabler,” said Padmasree Warrior, Cisco chief technical officer, senior vice president of Engineering, and general manager of Enterprise Business.

Cisco is delivering the Cisco Open Network Environment through a set of platform APIs, agents and controllers, and overlay network technologies.

“By leveraging Cisco ISR G2 as a platform, CTERA and Cisco allow customers to bridge the gap between local and cloud storage by combining LAN speed user experience with the resilience of the cloud,” said Liran Eshel, chief executive officer at CTERA.

“Utilizing the ISR’s network capabilities, the consolidated solution can effectively manage cloud storage traffic in an optimized way. The integration, which was rapidly implemented as a connector using Cisco’s Open Network Environment and the onePK API, allowed us to deliver the world’s first cloud-storage-enabled router with intelligent QoS and superior user experience,” Eshel added.

“The Cisco Nexus 1000V ability to span both physical and virtual workloads with a rich portfolio of physical and virtual network services on a scalable VXLAN network is what NTT-Data requires for cloud deployments,” said Kobayashi, senior manager, NTT-Data.

“Baseball has dedicated and passionate fans who have high expectations for the quality and value of their interactive experiences, which demands a reliable network. We like the strategic direction Cisco is taking with its Open Network Environment, which provides a platform to more closely integrate customer-built software applications with the network,” said Kushal Patel, vice president of networking at

“IndianaUniversityis delighted to have Cisco as the newest member of InCNTRE’s SDN Interoperability Lab. This collaboration, along with Cisco’s vision for dynamic and multi-dimensional networks — the Open Network Environment — will help drive innovation to advance next generation networks,” said Brad Wheeler,IndianaUniversityvice president of information technology and CIO.

“Our IT network engineers and computer science department researchers have been collaborating with Cisco to develop and advance SDN solutions that will help move SDN from the R&D lab to mainstream business and academic production environments,” said Bruce Maas, vice provost for information technology and CIO at University of Wisconsin Madison.

“As one of the first developer partners for Cisco’s onePK, we have already begun working with the application programming interface. We’re looking forward to using Cisco’s Open Network Environment and onePK to create innovative new software applications to serve our joint customers’ needs,” said Prabhuraman Sayanam, vice president at HCL Technologies.

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