Network downtime affects jobs, revenues, says Avaya

A survey by Avaya, an enterprise communications vendor, said network downtime will affect jobs and revenues.

The Avaya survey of mid-to-large companies was done in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

The survey found that 82 percent experienced some type of network downtime caused by IT personnel making errors when configuring changes to the core of the network.

Avaya said one-fifth of all network downtime in 2013 was caused by core errors. More troubling is the fact that 80 percent of companies experiencing downtime from core errors in 2013 lost revenue, with the average company losing $140,003 per incident. The financial sector lost an average of $540,358 per incident.

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1 in 5 companies fired an IT employee when a network downtime incident occurred. The factor was more dramatic for some industries. Respondents also said that 1 in 3 companies in the natural resources, utilities & telecoms sector sacked IT staff due to downtime caused by change errors.

Avaya said the recent Sochi 2014 games in Russia, which leveraged network virtualization, easily accommodated the sudden spikes in network utilization which are common for high profile competition events.

“Our customers immediately display a look of disbelief when we tell them that they do not need to configure the network core to roll out new services. Then, when we demonstrate the technology live that look of disbelief changes to one of excitement when they see what they can do,” said Marc Randall, SVP and General Manager, Avaya Networking.

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