NETRACK deploys Silentium to embed noise reduction solutions

NETRACK has deployed with Silentium, provider of Active Noise Reduction technology to embed noise reduction solutions in the mount cabinet – AcoustiRACK ACTIVE (ARA) introduced by NETRACK.

The company said Silentium enable noise reduction up to 30 dB(A) and provide 8KW of heat dissipation, cooling and dust protection for servers and networking equipment.

Under this partnership, the two companies will work together to eliminate noise pollution and deliver products with increased efficiency and energy consumption.

In addition, NETRACK will use Silentium’s noise-cancelling technology to reduce low-frequency noises.

Company officials said the product can achieve unprecedented spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum.

The ARA also maintains constant temperature to prevent machine burnout while extending the life of the equipment.

“To lower the noise of servers and other embedded equipment, we have incorporated Silentium’s noise reduction solutions. These will not only reduce the noise levels but will also help minimize energy usage and extend the life and well-being of IT equipment,” said Ravi Raj, brand head, director Sales & Support at NETRACK.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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