NetIQ launches latest PlateSpin disaster recovery products

NetIQ has announced the availability of the latest version of PlateSpin workload management and disaster recovery (DR) products.

The latest version of NetIQ products includes PlateSpin Forge 4, PlateSpin Protect 11 and PlateSpin Migrate 11.

The new products provide fast and efficient disaster recovery, server consolidation, and migration capabilities for today’s virtual and physical server workloads.

In a statement NetIQ said that when combined with PlateSpin Recon 4, the latest version of NetIQ’s planning and analysis tool, the PlateSpin family allows IT professionals to set and maintain accurate service-level agreements (SLAs) for disaster recovery (DR), protect physical servers in an increasingly virtual world, and speed up transfers while reducing downtime during server migration.

Mike Robinson, senior manager, NetIQ said, “Business user expectations – driven by their smart-phone and tablet experiences – for access to corporate data are unforgiving: its access at anytime from anywhere. Those expectations feed the aggressive RPOs and RTOs IT administrators are pushing to meet.”

“These latest features in PlateSpin Protect, PlateSpin Forge and PlateSpin Migrate, coupled with PlateSpin Recon 4, provide a combined toolset that allows today’s professionals to plan for, manage and support any server consolidation, migration, or disaster recovery scenario that can impact the ability to support today’s business users,” said Mike.

Combined, these updates address a range of solutions for common disaster recovery and workload management problems.

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