NetApp offers Ransomware Recovery Guarantee

NetApp announced several innovative products and programs including a new modern block storage offering and a guarantee to recover from ransomware attacks.
NetApp ASA (All-Flash SAN Array) A-SeriesThis announcement addresses customer challenges including increasing IT complexity, restricted IT budgets, increased urgency around sustainability, and the growth of cyber threats.

Ransomware costs to global organizations are expected to rise from $20 billion in 2021 to $265 billion by 2031.

NetApp’s ASA (All-Flash SAN Array) A-Series simplifies the deployment of modern SAN infrastructure, while providing guaranteed availability and guaranteed efficiency with cost savings.

“NetApp’s leadership in storage technology helps customers solve data storage challenges with operational simplicity at scale, built-in security to manage and recover from ransomware threats, and Flash storage backed by guaranteed efficiencies to meet or exceed sustainability and savings goals,” said Sandeep Singh, Senior Vice President and GM Enterprise Storage.

NetApp ASA A-Series flash storage systems deliver superior performance, data availability, efficiency, and hybrid cloud connectivity for business-critical applications and databases.

# Six Nines data availability guarantee (99.9999 percent)

# NetApp ASA delivers effective capacity with usable capacity combined with NetApp’s 4:1 Storage Efficiency Guarantee

# NetApp ASA delivers up to 50 percent lower power consumption and associated carbon emissions than competitive offerings

# Modern data storage built on all-NVMe performance flash with NVMe/FC, NVMe/TCP, FC, and iSCSI protocols

# Continuous data access to all ASA arrays with symmetric active-active architecture typically found only on the most cost-prohibitive high-end arrays

# Storage Lifecycle Program, which offers customers non-disruptive upgrades to the latest storage controller technology every three, four, or five years at no additional cost

# Integrated data protection and hybrid cloud connectivity to ensure data is secure and can extend to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

“NetApp’s ASA enhancements provide more flexibility to our existing mission-critical databases and adds data efficiency at a lower price,” said Reinoud Reynders, IT Manager Infrastructure & Operations at UZ Leuven. “The new data availability and efficiency guarantee gives us added confidence that NetApp is also the right partner for UZ Leuven as we scale.”

NetApp Ransomware Recovery Guarantee

The NetApp Ransomware Recovery Guarantee leverages ONTAP’s combination of key built-in security and ransomware protection features. ONTAP can automatically block known malicious file types, block rogue admins and malicious users with multi-admin verification, and provide tamper-proof snapshots that can’t be deleted – even by the storage administrator.

“With NetApp’s ONTAP solutions and our unique data storage portfolio and guarantees, organizations can have peace of mind and focus on driving critical business outcomes,” You Qinghong, Solutions Engineering Lead, Greater China, ASEAN and South Korea, NetApp, said.

The ONTAP One built-in storage software is available for all AFF, ASA, and FAS systems. NetApp is also making the capabilities built into ONTAP One available to existing deployed systems under support.

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