NetApp enhances storage portfolio for enterprises and service providers

NetApp has enhanced its storage portfolio with two new platforms—the high-performance FAS8080 EX and the entry level FAS2500.

FAS8080 EX is designed to drive the SAN and NAS workloads in large scale at growing organizations and service providers while FAS2500 hybrid arrays can simplify operations, increase productivity through superior integration with ecosystem, extend system life and minimize future costs, the company said.


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With its ability to scale ~4 million IOPS of performance, FAS8080 EX delivers advanced QoS capabilities for predictable performance that meets or exceeds challenging service-level objectives, the company claims. The storage appliance can be configured either as an all-flash array with >4.6PB (petabytes) of flash storage or as a hybrid array with a flash cache of nearly half a petabyte.

With its ability to scale up to 70PB of capacity and support more than 600 I/O connections, FAS8080 is an ideal storage platform for service providers and large organizations that are consolidating workloads.

Featuring enterprise-class data management capabilities, NetApp  FAS2500 offers expanded flash support to accelerate workloads by up to 46 percent and increase usable capacity by 48 percent. It is also scalable, allowing organizations to flex it as their needs evolve.

NetApp is offering a 90 day payment holiday allowing customers to save while transitioning to the newest NetApp enterprise storage  solutions.

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Santhosh D’ Souza, director- Systems Engineering, NetApp Marketing & Services, said, “The FAS8080EX is the most powerful NetApp storage system yet and perfect for mission-critical application environments.”

“The FAS2500 on the other hand extends our performance and value leadership at the entry level, delivering better price/performance characteristics. NetApp sees strong demand for both the new products across enterprises, SPs and government agencies. Core business applications, both transactional and decision support workloads, will particularly benefit from the FAS8080EX.”

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