NetApp enhances Sheela Foam’s storage performance by 2X

NetApp has revealed how Sheela Foam, India’s largest manufacturer of mattress foam and one of the largest foam producers in the world, has improved its performance.
NetApp at a IT trade showSheela Foam’s mattress brand Sleepwell is one of the most popular mattress retailers in India generating $350 million in revenue annually with around 10,000 stores. The company sought a 24/7 data management partner that could support its crucial application environment to achieve its business goals.

Sheela Foam relied on its ERP system to ensure that data is available at any time so that customers and partners can receive the mattresses and foam in real-time. Sheela Foam chose NetApp, which deployed a standby system with professional services to power the former’s data management capabilities.

As a result, Sheela Foam enhanced its storage performance by 2X, enabling optimization in shop floor and supply chain efficiency. NetApp E-Series storage system helped Sheela Foam in streamlining its financial processes like invoice generation and transactions.

Sheela Foam saw improved performance, higher customer satisfaction and increased efficiency — with zero impact to production workloads. The storage backed by NetApp Professional Services gives Sheela Foam the confidence that its applications would not experience any unplanned downtime.

Pertisth Mankotia, CIO, Sheela Foam said: “At Sheela Foam, data must flow efficiently and effectively from our manufacturing units to dealers and distributors in order to facilitate an integrated value chain. Our system is not just connected to end customers, but to distributors and retailers as well. To make sure that we are delivering a high-quality customer experience, our storage needs to be fast, available, and responsive.”

Sheela Foam has opted to purchase another system within six months of initial implementation. Their entire distribution of 10,000 stores is connected to NetApp storage, serving critical data and applications to users across the company’s entire network, Puneet Gupta, Managing Director, NetApp India Marketing and Services, said.