Net4 India launches audio and web conferencing services

Infotech Lead Asia: Net4 India has launched audio and web conferencing services.

The company will use XOP Networks’ Universal Service Node Conference Bridge to offer the services to Indian enterprise and SME customers.

Net4’s audio and web conferencing services are designed for users to collaborate and share information from several locations over the Internet in a secure environment.

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Desi Valli, COO, Net4, said: “Our conferencing solutions will help in removing many constraints that make meetings a challenge – like getting everyone at the same place at the same time. Cost effective conferencing solutions can lead to significant productivity gains and cost savings for businesses.”

Net4’s web conferencing services are designed to run across the Internet or a private data network without requiring any changes to firewalls. It allows the participants to collaborate in real time and achieve desired results quickly without exchanging multiple emails. For more information visit Net4’s Conferencing page.

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